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When Divorce Is The Best Option For Parents

  • By: Eric Hannum, Esq.
  • Published: August 3, 2015
When Divorce Is The Best Option For Parents

Sometimes, a relationship just doesn’t work. You might try all that you can to maintain a relationship with your spouse, from couple’s therapy to new strategies for working and living together and still find yourselves unhappy with each other. When this is the case, it might be best for you to end your marriage. Although it might seem like a good idea to stay together for your children’s sake, the truth is, it is often healthier for children to adjust to life after a divorce than it is to remain in a household where both parents are miserable and continually fighting in front of the children.

Consider the following statements to determine if divorce might be right for you.

Your Relationship Is Gone

If you find yourself seeking comfort with friends, your hobbies, your relatives, or other sources instead of with your spouse, especially after you have tried to fix your relationship, it might be time to end your marriage.

Ask yourself the following questions about your relationship to gauge whether you can, and should, try to rebuild it:

  • Do I respect my partner?
  • Can we relate to each other?
  • Do I enjoy spending time with my partner or do I find myself actively trying to avoid him or her?
  • Can we compromise on issues like childcare, finances, and values systems or are our views so far apart that compromise is impossible? Is either party willing to compromise?
  • Would I be happier without him or her?

Nobody can answer these questions for you. Be honest with yourself and with your spouse about your answers to these questions and your feelings about a divorce. If you cannot communicate with your spouse about your concerns or he or she dismisses them, this is a sign that your relationship is over.

You Have Experienced Domestic Violence

If you have experienced domestic violence from your partner or you have reason to believe he or she is capable of harming you, you need to end your relationship. Staying in an abusive relationship can risk your health, your children’s health, and even your life.

Domestic violence is not always obvious. Sometimes, it takes the form of emotional or psychological abuse, rather than physical harm. Consider the signs of domestic violence and if these are present in your marriage, put your health and safety first and get out now. Domestic violence is not limited to certain races or socioeconomic groups, nor is it always male-on-female abuse.

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