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The Main Issues In A Divorce Case

The Main Issues In A Divorce CaseSettling All Matters For A Divorce To Proceed

If you are in the process of finalizing a divorce and seeking a final judgment of divorce, many relevant matters involved in a New Jersey divorce must be resolved in order for your case to proceed successfully. This includes crucial aspects such as child and spousal support, division of assets, custody arrangements, and more.

In this process, you, with the assistance of your attorney, will more than likely formulate a document known as a property settlement agreement. This agreement serves as the framework for addressing a wide range of issues. It outlines the division of assets, the specifics of custody and parenting time arrangements, the division of pensions, and the decisions about the marital home – whether it will be sold or if one party will buy out the other.

Completing all matters involved in a New Jersey divorce must occur before the final divorce judgment is granted. In essence, all aspects of the divorce must be settled and agreed upon before proceeding with the legal finalization of the divorce process.

Resolving all divorce-related matters through a comprehensive property settlement agreement is a crucial prerequisite for obtaining a final divorce judgment. This ensures that all parties involved have clarity on their rights, responsibilities, and the division of assets before the divorce is legally concluded.

Common Factors That Can Complicate Divorces and Family Law Matters

Several factors commonly lead to complications and delays in divorces and other family law matters. Understanding these potential challenges is essential to navigate the legal process effectively. This includes:

Child Custody Disputes

When both parties involved in a divorce seek residential custody of the children, it can lead to disagreements and legal battles. Courts must determine the children’s best interests and decide which parent will be the primary custodian.


In some cases, one party may be unwilling to compromise on specific issues, often driven by principles rather than actual desires. This inflexibility can stall negotiations and prolong the process.

Discovery and Subpoena Problems

Incomplete or deficient answers to discovery requests, such as interrogatories, can hinder the process. Timely and accurate responses are crucial to prevent unnecessary delays.

Involvement of Third Parties

New relationships, such as a partner or even a new spouse, can complicate matters if they become involved in divorce proceedings with their influence introducing additional complications.

Ignoring Professional Advice

Listening to friends, neighbors, or new partners instead of following the guidance of legal professionals can lead to misguided decisions. Following non-legal advice can take the case down an unfavorable path.

Understanding and addressing these common challenges ensures a smoother divorce or family law proceeding. By being aware of potential complications and working with legal experts, you can navigate these obstacles effectively and achieve the best possible outcome.

Keys to a Successful Divorce: Strategies for a Smoother Process

Successfully navigating a divorce can be challenging, but there are effective strategies that can make the process smoother and more manageable.

  • While some issues might be non-negotiable, it’s essential to recognize when compromise can lead to a better resolution. Fights over trivial possessions or matters that only serve to complicate the process can be counterproductive. Save your energy for matters of true importance.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that co-parenting requires understanding and flexibility. Recognize that unforeseen circumstances can cause lateness or changes in plans. Instead of jumping to conclusions or arguments, consider the bigger picture and be open to accommodating slight changes.
  • Children should never be put in the middle of a divorce. Their well-being should be the top priority. Avoid making them pawns in the process by allowing them to have a healthy relationship with both parents. Support their decisions to communicate or spend time with the other parent without unnecessary conflict.
  • It’s easy for personal differences and past conflicts to cloud judgment during a divorce. Remember that the goal is to reach an agreement that is fair and reasonable for both parties. Focus on the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in small disagreements.

A successful divorce involves a mindset shift. By prioritizing compromise, flexibility, and the well-being of children, you can approach the process with a more constructive and positive outlook. This not only leads to a smoother divorce but also sets a healthier foundation for the future.

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