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Making Good Decisions Following Your Divorce

  • By: Eric Hannum, Esq.
  • Published: May 4, 2015
Making Good Decisions Following Your Divorce

The stress and inevitable losses of time and money, as well as other valuable resources involved in any divorce make it difficult to think clearly sometimes. Making good decisions when you’re involved in a divorce and for some time thereafter can be a challenge.

Most mental health professionals and family lawyers handling divorce cases will agree that it’s wise to line up some trusted advisors who will stick with you throughout the process and thereafter. Leaning on your friends and family may seem like the best option, because those are the people who really care about you and who don’t expect to be paid.

But friends and family may be experiencing their own strong emotions and even a certain level of burnout after the experience of helping you through a divorce. Even if they appear to be rock-solid and welcome you to share, it’s a good idea to think about alternatives for getting sensible advice. Divorce support groups are available in some metro areas of New Jersey.

A financial advisor is one professional to consider, before or after your divorce is final. Especially if you are required to sell your home, talking to a financial advisor will give you an advantage in the long run. Considering your many options is hard to do on your own, or simply by relying on people you know personally. Taking the time to take care of yourself and get good advice is the best way to ensure you’re making good decisions in the weeks and months after a divorce.

Your physician, your therapist, your financial advisor, your coach or career counselor and your family lawyer are all invested in your future with you. They are not emotional about the past or any current legal proceedings. They focus on the future with you, and they are in the best position to advise you in a clear, logical and rational manner when emotions are running high for you.

Your best decisions of all will probably be the decisions you make to get professional advice. The time you invest in lining up and meeting with your advisors, and the money you allocate for paying their fees are insurance for clear-headed thinking when you need it most.

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